Every Child Is Musical

Teaching Kids the Wonders of Music
Through Song and Dance

Every Child Is Musical

Teaching Kids the Wonders of Music Through Song and Dance


Our Program

For over 20 years, MITS has fostered an environment where artistry, musicianship, and the pure joy of learning music flourish each day.

Our dedicated, caring, and certified teaching staff cultivate the musical and creative potential in each student. Through exemplary programs—from instrument, voice training, and ensemble performances for beginners and advanced students of all ages—our goal is to inspire a lifelong joy and love of music.

Founder of MITS: Frank Leahy

Every Child is Musical

“At MITS, our goal is to show your child the wonderful world of music, whether using voice, playing a musical instrument, or dancing. Our music and dance teachers take great care developing lifelong love of learning and playing music for each individual child.”
-Frank Leahy, MITS Music Director

Under the direction of renowned violinist/fiddle player Frank Leahy, students take advantage of our in-school music and dance programs. Leahy studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence. He went on to become the youngest Canadian National Fiddle Champion and has performed around the world as a soloist in over 2000 Symphonic Pop Concerts, Theatres, and Music Theatre runs—a master of many styles of music, including classical, jazz, swing, and old-time fiddling.

His primary focus of MITs is to help students learn, practice and perform, all while building confidence, character, and lifelong communication skills.